The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Monday, August 31, 2009

Once a Great Toy...

...always a great toy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Stuff

First we have a few pictures of the boys trying out Daddy's new tree stand.

We also have a couple pictures of our trip to the wave pool today. We met with Matt, Michelle, Megan, Nick, Theresa and Grandma. The weather was great and the boys loved it!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zoo Day

Friday we went to the Zoo wit Grandma and Aunt Theresa. We headed to the butterfly house first because they loved it so much last time.

Owen was very interested!


More butterfly.

Jack watching birds in the Aviary.

Owen checking out his favorite thing...


Grandma, Jack and Owen looking at some birds in the water.

Jack showing me a camel.

The boys with Aunt Theresa looking at a camel.

Jack watching a monkey.

Owen watching his own shadow.

Aunt Theresa, Owen, Jack and Grandma touring the zoo.

Grandma with the boys watching the zebras.

Then the giraffes.

and finally the polar bears!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Poor Owensey!

The other day Owen fell out our door into the garage (which happens to be down two steps) in an effort to greet Neil when he got home from work. In the process he fell on his face and got himself a shiner. Here it was the first night (he is obviously not too upset about it)

Here he is yesterday (day two).

It looks worse than it is but it makes him look sad all the time. Poor kiddo. He managed to hurt himself a lot that day but he should be back to new in no time!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Find it Hilarious

I have no idea why but I think it is really funny the way Owen takes off when you say "Go!"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ludington Vacation 2009

We spent last week at our annual camping trip in Ludington with the Bow family. We had wonderful weather and the boys absolutely loved the trip. They spent a lot of time riding bikes, hiking, running around, going to the beach and eating ice cream and suckers from the camp store. They are still worn out from the trip! Here are (lots!) of pictures from the trip.

Owen lounging in the water.

Daddy chasing Jack.

They loved this little pool made by the rain.

Hanging out in the warm, shallow water.

Owen showing us the mud.

More mud excitement.

Jack sitting in the big puddle.

The boys.

Lounging some more.

Owen showing us a stick he found in the sand. They loved the huge beach and did their best (which is very good) to get filthy every day.
Jack splashing around.

The boys with their Grandpa.


Jack in the sand.

Sandy kiddo.

I told you they were good at getting dirty!
More beach fun.

Hiding behind Grandpa. He was a little shy around all the relatives he doesn't know well.
Owen and his Grandma.

Jack peeking out.

Owen and Grandma again with my favorite beach house in the background.
Love it.

Owen showing us where everyone is.

Daddy and Owen back at camp.

Daddy and Owen snoozing after a long day.

Maddie doing some fishing.

Megan and Jack at our fishing spot.

Megan, Jack, Owen and Daddy getting ready to fish.
Jack and Grandpa preparing their fishing lines.
Jack showing me something.

Eating candy.

Grandma and Owen (with Jack peeking).
Owen showing me his chocolate bar.

He made a little mess.

Jack doing some wandering.

He looked lost just wandering around.
Maddie caught the biggest fish of the night. Sadly, that is not a joke.
Daddy and Jack fishing.

Grandpa teaching Jack the fishey handshake.
Grandpa and his peanut.

Peaceful (as much as it can be with a 2 year old) fishing.
The gang watching the kids fish.

My favorite guests on the blog (and future baby-sitters!) Megan, Rachel, Maddie and Taylor.
Still trying to catch those elusive fish. For some reason the fish didn't bite while Jack was throwing rocks in the water right near the line!
Owen and Jack on the dam. Jack loved the dam and rode his bike there daily (a mile from our camp site each way) sometimes more than once.
Daddy and Owen on the dam.

In front of the dam. Mommy has many, many memories from this campground and fishing at this boardwalk.

Owen checking out the water.

Jack too!

Jack and his favorite "waterfall".

My boys on the beach at sunset.
Beautiful Lake Michigan sunset.

I love this place!

Owen, Daddy, Grandpa and Jack getting ready to do the skyline trail!
Starting the long climb. They both made it all the way up on their own!
The view is beautiful from the top!

I can't get enough of this place! How could you not want to go here!!!
The lighthouse.

Owen and Daddy running down the BIG dune.
They made it! Now they just have to hike back up! I ended up carrying Jack the whole way back up!

Jack on the boardwalk way up on the dunes.


More Jack.

Owen at the same lookout point.

Owen and Daddy.

The elusive family picture (still elusive because Jack was crying and wouldn't look at the camera).

Owen and Daddy on the skyline.

After the pot luck dinner the girls performed a play at the amphitheatre.

Before they got started some of the Bow sisters did a little number.

During the play.

Jack joined the play too because it looked so fun!
Taking a bow. Jack didn't get the memo.

The cast.

Jack in his sleeping bag at night.

Owen sleeping wrapped in towels because he fell asleep on the way home from the beach and was covered in sand.

The last night Jack fell asleep in the stroller and we tipped him back against the picnic table.
Notice the lovely blue sucker residue on his face. They spent the week filthy from dirt, sand, ice cream, candy and anything else they could get their hands on!
The campfire crew on the last night.

Owen was excited to try out his toys again once we got home!
He also played in his favorite fort/closet.