The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Couple More

Jack in his funny plaid shorts
Owen with his "Jesus Sandals" on
Jacker cheering for Mommy and Daddy singing

Jack can finally get his feet off the ground when he jumps!

Jack always tells Owen "don't cry" which seems really cute and sweet but I'm not sure if he is doing it because he feels bad for Owen or if he just doesn't want to hear the noise

Random Pictures and Video

Nothing too exciting today, just some new pictures and a video.
Owen being cute
Still being cute
Jack with Daddy
Running on the couch...looks safe
Brushing his teeth

More tooth brushing fun!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

No Colds Will Hold Us Back!!!

We decided to go to the Zoo today even with the boys being sickies since they were still in good spirits and it was really warm out. Jack loved it of course and Owen was oblivious. They were exhausted at the end and were both asleep by the time we hit 696. Jack woke in the car about an hour and a half later and asked to go in his crib!!! He is still asleep in there after 2.5 hours of total napping!
Most of my pictures didn't turn out because I am using an old camera these days since mine broke. These are the only ones that were decent. Good thing my Birthday is coming up...
Owen with Aunt Sarah
Grandma, Grandpa, and Jack
Watching the Gorillas
Cool dude

On the way out Jack checked out this statue
He liked it!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poor Baby

Today the blog is dedicated to Owen because we found out the reason he was so mad on our camping trip this weekend. He wasn't acting like himself since we have been home so I took him to the doctor today to discover that he has a double ear infection. He is off and on with his mood but I caught some happy moments today. Both boys have really bad colds. Its a snotty place to live these days! Hopefully Owens antibiotics will kick in quickly and he will be feeling back to himself!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Visiting Day

We visited at Grandma and Grandpas house today since Aunt Sarah is in town from New York for Owen's Baptism this weekend. The boys had a great time hanging out at the house today and we even took Jack swimming in the evening. Owen was going to swim but he fell asleep on the (5 minute) car ride to the pool.
Jack picked out his shoes today. It wasn't raining at all.
Jack in his little car

Owen giving Jack a taste of his own medicine
The boys playing with Aunt Sarah
Owen in the piano toy
Happy baby for Aunt Sarah
That hand moves fast!
Hugs for Aunt Sarah
Jack picked some flowers for me out of Grandmas planter. Oops
On the way to the pool!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Vacation!

We went on our annual camping trip to Kalkaska for the long weekend. There was around 40 people there this year including 5 babies (Jack was the oldest) We really lucked out and had great weather aside from some chilly nights. Jack could not have had more fun and did really well there. He got to see horses and lots of puppies not to mention he spent all day every day outside! He also got some 4-wheeler rides and all sorts of attention. Owen didn't like the trip as much. He did alright on Saturday but sort of lost it yesterday. He isn't a big outdoor kind of guy. Neil (sadly) won the Second Annual Beer Olympics and got a trophy and everything. We eve had a pig roast on Saturday and all in all had a really nice time.
Our home away from home for the weekend
Dustin and Tracy (two of Jacks favorite people!) showing him the 4-wheeler they brought for him

Tracy taking Jack for his first ride
Owen on the first night
Jack playing in a fort
Riding Aydens little 4-wheeler Power Wheels
He stole a lot of Aydens toys including this mower
Daddy and Owen. Owen clearly wants that beer!
Jack kept trying to hold Aydens hand...
Ayden was less than thrilled about it
Jack has some cool goggles now!
Jack and Mommy!
Jack checking out one of the horses
Pretty neat!
Jack with Daddy getting ready for ANOTHER ride
All smiles!
Taking Owen for a spin
Jack likes it
He sure is loving this vacation!
Daddy and Owen with Missy and Jake
Sweet Boy
On a ride
Eating some Jello
Owen playing with a toy in his stroller
Doing puzzles at the pig roast
He loves his Tracy!
Be better learn to share before Baby Krause is born!
So sweet
Back to the horses
He sat on the horse for about 30 seconds before he was "all done"
Daddy and the boys
More toy stealing
Happy in his Excersaucer
Fighting over or sharing a toy...not sure which
That works!