The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Our lovely tree after Santa came this year!
 The boys RUNNING to see what Santa brought. Jack was counting down the minutes until he could come out of his room!
 New HUGE Legos were a BIG hit!

 Time to start the chaos!


 Toypedo for Owen and a Beyblade Locker for Jack!
 Ella was our slow opener.
 It was a like a tornado came through! Owen was so excited about the Ninjago sticker book!
 Jack put a stapler on his Christmas list and Santa aims to please!
 A big box of Legos to share for their new Lego table from Grandma and Grandpa.
 Ella opening her new Cinderella doll.

 Jack checking out his Ninjago sticker book while Owen opens a big tie dye kit!

 Zhu Zhu Pet! Daddy LOVES these ;)
 Barbie tent with Barbie's little sister Stacie for Ella.
 We also celebrated with Grandma, Grandpa, Sarah, Paul, Becky and Tim on Christmas Day but somehow they avoided the camera. I'll try harder next time! I also added a few pictures of the kids playing in the snow today!

A Little More Christmas Fun

Before Christmas the kids got some awesome gifts in the mail from Aunt Sarah, Uncle CJ and Mitchell. They were so excited for their new Lego Star War sets!
 Ella was REALLY excited about the packaging.
 She got a story reading puppy too but the packaging won until all the bubbles were popped!
 We also celebrated with the Larson family a few days before Christmas where Santa came to visit the party! The kids all went right up to sit on his lap when he called their name. Probably more motivated by the present but at least no one cried!
 Ella going to see Santa. She didn't hesitate for a second!

 Sweet girl talking to Santa.
 Yay! Santa brought me a gift!!!
 Going to show Grandpa.
 Jack's turn!

 Love the face in these next two pictures. He was looking at me because Santa asked if he listened to everything Mommy said this year. We'll take that as a "No!". Luckily Santa must not have been watching because he got his gift anyways :)

 Ella checking out her new car and people with Grandpa Pete.
 Next, it was Owen's turn with Santa.
 Not real sure but he hung in there!

 Woohoo! Got a gift!
 Jack opening his new treasure.
 Christmas Chaos.
 Mommy gets all the fun jobs like trying to open the packaging!
 New Lego sets!!!
 Owen showing Grandpa his new Lego sets!