The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ski Weekend

This weekend we went up north to Boyne Mountain with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Paul and Aunt Becky for a long ski weekend. We had a wonderful time despite the boys being a bit under the weather. Thanks for a great weekend everyone! Now on to the pictures! First is Grandpa, Owen, Jack and Aunt Sarah having breakfast in the cabin on our first morning.
Owen enjoying the cabin.
The boys watching Sesame Street on Grandpa's computer.
Owen and Grandpa coloring and making paper airplanes.
Jack getting ready to go skiing.
Jack and Daddy ready to hit the slopes.
Owen and Mommy in front of the cabin.
Uncle Paul (with no face), Aunt Becky, Aunt Sarah, Jack and Daddy getting ready to ski.
There is Uncle Paul!
Daddy and Jack getting on the chair lift.
Aunt Sarah and Aunt Becky on the lift.
Daddy and Jack riding up.
Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul (showing his best snow plow moves) on the hill.
Aunt Becky showing off and waving for the camera.
Daddy and Jack coming down the hill
More skiing.
Daddy and Jack taking a rest after their run.
At the end of the first run.
Grandpa snuggling Jack after he got done skiing.
Owen in his snow gear.
Owen and Daddy sledding down the hill on their butts.
Grandpa and Jack watching the snow tubers.
Uncle Paul taking Jack for a sled run.
Owen trying to climb up a hill.
Daddy pushing Owen down the hill.
Owen enjoying his ride.
Jack sliding down.
Owen was getting into it!
More sledding fun.
Grandma and Owen in the tree.
Grandma with Jack in the tree.
Grandma giving Aunt Becky a white wash!
Grandpa with his boys.
Aunt Becky getting tackled by the boys.
Jack getting ready to throw a snowball. You can tell he is a troublemaker by the look on his face!
Snowball fighting.
He was enjoying this way too much!
Aunt Becky supplying the boys with snow balls (and them being REALLY happy about it)!
Those are some happy kiddos!
More snowball fun.
Owen taking his turn with the snowballs.
After throwing his snowball at Aunt Sarah.
Jack throwing one at Aunt Sarah. She is obviously enjoying it!
They knew who to go to for ammunition!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Disney on Ice!

Tonight we took the boys to see Disney on Ice. Before we left we had a little photo shoot of Owen in his Cars shirt and Jack with his Mickey shirt on.
Waiting for the show to start Jack was a little bit excited...
Owen smiling really big!
They really liked the show. Owen was mesmerized. When we got int he car he said "Mama! I liked the show too! I love Mickey Mouse!!!"