The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More New Stuff

Check me out blogging more than once a week! Miracles do occur! First we have a picture of where Owen decided the sleep the other night. I was laying in bed and I told Neil it seemed like I could hear him really loud compared to usual. I was right and this why...
He is OUT!
Jack made pizza at school recently and got this cool chef hat that he wanted to show off for me.
Today was the Valentine's Day party in Jacks class. The kids got to decorate heart shaped cookies with frosting and sprinkles at snack time. Here is Jack concentrating very hard!
Eating the frosting off the knife. Very safe!
Next to his masterpiece.
He really, REALLY wanted me to take this picture of him with his cheese. Sometimes its best not to ask why!
Here is  Jack listening to Mrs. Antoon read a book after snack time!
I am hoping to get the blog going faster again as my morning sickness improves (hopefully soon!!!) so keep checking back!

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Becky said...

He has got an eye for photography, I love the cheese shot! Do you think Owen was coming to your room? Or just wanted to sleep there? How funny! Hope you feel better soon, and I am happy to see an increase in the blogging.