The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Disney Junior Live!

Friday afternoon I got a message from my friend asking if I wanted to take Ella to see Disney Junior Live. They had two extra tickets in a suite at the Palace and they were free we just had to show an hour. It was a great opportunity so I threw Ella in a princess dress and we headed out! She had NO IDEA what to expect so when we walked in and she saw her favorite Disney characters on stage she we SO EXCITED. She wouldn't even sit in a seat at first, she had to be right against the front rail of the suite seats. 
 Her face totally lit up watching Sofia the First (a princess show on the Disney Channel) dance with all of her friends.
 A little excited I think.
 This was too funny not to post. She was stunned by the flash :)
 Happy girl on a super fun afternoon with Mommy.

 Enjoying a slushy in a special Sofia cup. We had such a fun time together and while I doubt she will remember this day when she grows up it will be a favorite of mine. Nothing like a day with my princess!

Halloween Day

Halloween was a busy day at our house. All three kids had school events to celebrate and then the big trick or treating event at night. We started the day by visiting Jack's class before the parade. Jack is the Mario on the left.
 The second grade teachers. Jack's teacher, Mrs. Salada, is in the center. I loved these costumes!
Luigi Owen in the parade (it was POURING outside so the parade was inside the school)

 Owen behind his one of his teachers, Mrs. Gesaman
 Jack parading around school.

 Jack at his desk with Grandpa Pete. He wouldn't walk over to take a picture with Grandpa because he was afraid to get out of his seat and get in trouble. Ha!
 Snack time!
 There were a total of 5 Mario's in second grade this year. Here is Jack with his buddies Aidan and Brennan.
 Aidan, Ella and Jack getting photo bombed by Aidan's Mom :)
 Best buddies
 Over in Owen's class they were getting ready to start Halloween work stations...
 Ella was being a good while we waited.

 Owen working hard on a noodle skeleton
 Concentration tongue

 I love this sweet face more than I can possibly say <3 p="">
 On to Ella's class where they were having a Harvest Hoedown to celebrate.
 Getting ready to party in the gym after a sing-along upstairs.
 Doing projects in the gym
 Making a bracelet.

 Raking some leaves
 Pumpkin rolling

 A snack after a BIG day at preschool.
 Singing a few songs before heading home!
 It was a rainy night for trick or treating but the kids went farther than they ever have and we still had tons of kids come to the house. Here they are before leaving the house. My Princess Fairy Ella in true Michigan Halloween fashion....warm clothes under her costume!
 Luigi Owen

 Mario Jack
 And here is a prime example of why we don't post many pictures of all three kids together...