The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Ella has been working on a new skill lately and she almost has it mastered. Sitting! She still relies on her hands to prop her up (sometimes more than others as you can tell in the pictures) but she is making fast progress!

 Jack's little hands keep sneaking in the pictures. She LOVES watching her brothers.

 She does great until this happens. Oops!
 She also still loves her Exersaucer!

Marble Tower Fun

Owen got a marble tower from Santa this year. It only took about 4 hours for Daddy to put together but the result is really cool! Here is the finished product!
 Here are a few pictures of the boys playing with it too!

Christmas Round 5

In the afternoon on Christmas Day we went and celebrated with Mommy's family. Here is Mommy and Jack getting ready to exchange gifts.
 Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul watching the chaos.
 Owen and Uncle Tony giving Otis his gifts.
 Aunt Becky and Ella.
 Jack watching Grandma and Grandpa open their gifts from him.
 Owen finally got what he wanted from Aunt Becky...a cuckoo clock! It is being hung today so I will have to get pictures of it later.
 Jack in his new spaceship from Aunt Becky.
 Ella LOVES her Captain Calamari from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul.
 Owen watching his new cuckoo clock in action.
 Ella modeling/eating her I'm a McCutie shirt from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul. She is all ready for St. Patty's day!
 Ella still eating her Captain Calamari with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul. This is where the pictures for the gift opening portion ended. Things got a little crazy!
 Here are the boys trying out their new marble/domino set from Grandma and Grandpa after we were done opening presents.
 Uncle Tony getting the start ready.
 Mid-domino fall.
 Later in the day we made gingerbread houses. Here are the boys with Aunt Becky doing some building.
 Owen working hard.
 Jack was infatuated with the frosting stuck to his hands.
 Owen showing off his gross hands.
 Jack still couldn't get over the frosting hands.

Christmas Round 4 - THE REAL DEAL!

We spent Christmas morning at home and the boys were so excited to have Santa come. When we arrived home on Christmas Eve they set out milk and cookies on the floor by the fireplace where Santa would be coming in. We also got fancy new stockings from Aunt Sarah and Uncle CJ. I LOVE the stockings!
 Santa came during the night and left lots of nice gifts under the tree!
 Christmas morning they tore into the gifts right away! Here is Jack showing off some model magic clay.
 The Tootsie Roll box he so badly wanted.
 Owen peeking out from behind his new Hot Wheels car.
 Owen opening his Tootsie Rolls.
 Check out that arm speed!
 Opening gifts is serious business.
 A little teamwork to open some gifts.
 Cars and more race track!
 Oh boy...
Mac and Lightening McQueen! Does he look excited? 
 General gift opening chaos.
 Owen opening his marble track/tower.
 Travel Aqua Doodle!
 Ella thought it was very funny!
 Owen showing off Ella's new barn.
 Jack trying out his glow coloring set.
 Daddy and Owen putting together Ella's barn.
 She likes it!
 All the new toys and they wanted to play with Ella's new barn!