The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Round 2

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with the Larson family at Camp Dearborn. We had a really nice time and the boys got a chance to see Santa (like it or not!). Here is Owen with his crazy hat hair enjoying his lunch.
 Ella laying on the table.
 Darren enjoying a cookie.
 Jack being shy and hanging out with Grandma.
 Owen yelling at me "no more pictures!!!"
 His hair was ridiculous all day!
 Owen was clearly thrilled to meet Santa. He received a little gift and brought it back to the table and opened it. I asked him what Santa gave him and he told me "a present!" and I told him now neat that was and he said to me "yeah, but I wanted a cuckoo clock" in a disappointed and confused voice. I guess he wasn't kidding. All he wants for Christmas is a cuckoo clock! He also didn't realize that it wasn't Christmas and he thought that was all he was getting!
 Ella snoozed through her Santa visit so Grandma Nancy took her up there. She got her first Cabbage Patch Kid (or Pabbage Catch Kid if you know how to say it) and Mommy is going to keep it because it was my favorite toy growing up!!! Ahhh, the memories!!!
 Jack wasn't sure about Santa but was at least excited!
 All smiles on Santa's lap!
 Grandpa and Jack checking out his new toy.

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Becky said...

Looks like Owen is continuing his love for meat by that looks of that plate of food. So glad to see that Jack was not as shy as previous years when he got to see Santa. And don't worry Owen there is still a chance for that cuckoo clock, lets hope he isn't disappointed, he seems to have a very specific description in his head.