The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sparklers and Birthday Party Fun

We got home the other night and realized we still had some BIG sparklers left over from Fourth of July and since it was almost dark we decided to get them out for the boys. Here are some pictures of them with the sparklers they picked out from the firework stand!

 Yesterday we celebrated Aunt Sarah's Birthday a little early at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Before the party started Mommy was lucky enough to get some snuggle and reading time with her boys!
 Ella reading with Grandpa!
 You'd have to ask him...
 Ella waiting for the party to start!
 Aunt Sarah and the boys during her Happy Birthday song!
 I love this picture. This is why we are so lucky...because we have fabulous people in our lives that love these kiddos more than anything and you can see it in Sarah's face in this picture. Love all three of them!!!
 Owen took it upon himself to blow out the candles.

 Aunt Sarah finishing the job.
 Yay! Happy (early) Birthday Aunt Sarah! We love you!!!
 On to the best part...licking off the frosting! Yum!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Ella Videos

Here are some new videos of Ella dancing, reading and talking. She makes me smile :)


Yesterday was another lake day for us and Jack got a chance to show off some new skills. While he was doing this Ella was taking a nap. We put her in the crib and she fell asleep sitting down and then slumped over like this. So cute!
 Owen swimming.
 Jack getting ready to put on a show.
 The day before we were at Eric and Gina's house and Jack learned to jump off the diving board. He had to show off his new skill by jumping off the pontoon boat. Here are the action shots!

 So proud!
 It was also Aunt Sarah's last day visiting so we tried to take pictures with the kids. They didn't work out so well (on my camera anyways) but we did get a good funny face picture!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Today we spent another beautiful day at the lake (I know, life is rough around here). Ella is a big fan of the swing and in this laughing shot you can see her top teeth now!
 Loving her swing.
 Owen doing a little swinging.
 My patriotic kiddos.

 Doing a little swimming to cool off. Such a nice day today!

 Ella with her crazy after bath mohawk!
 The boys did some fishing before dinner. Owen didn't go more than 5 seconds without catching a fish!

More Bike Video

Here are some videos I took of the boys riding their bikes after they already had it figured out (forgot to post them after I said I would a few weeks ago!)

She Dances

At the end of the school year Owen and Ella's teacher gave the kids a CD with songs we sang at school. Ella LOVES the song we sang at the beginning of class every week. She was bustin' a move to this song all evening!

Independence Day Celebration

We celebrated 4th of July (a day early) at the lake today as well. The kids are tired from a busy week so we spent a little time inside reading before hitting the lake.

 We didn't get pictures on the lake today but after the annual BBQ at the Walters house we did a few HUGE sparklers before calling it a night. We will finish our celebration with fireworks tomorrow when the kiddos aren't so tired!