The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 3

Today we spent most of the day at the house. The weather wasn't as sunny as other days and we are preparing for a trip to Disney tomorrow. The kids spent a large portion of the day in the pool. Here they are with Grandma and Grandpa.
 Ella tried out her floaty seat. She LOVES the water and loved the seat as well. Here she is trying it out!

 The noodle also made an appearance for noodle rides.

 Ella did some more floating.
 Jack remembered how to jump off the edge of the pool (and Owen did later).

 Ella also practiced being cute. She is good at it!

 We went down to the clubhouse pool which was broken until today. The kids loved swimming in there as well!

 Jack even got brave and jumped off my shoulders (and went underwater!)

Wish us luck on the trek to Disney World tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 2

This is going to be a long post (mostly pictures) because we packed a lot of fun into today. We woke up this morning and got ready for our day. Here is Ella in her sweet little summer outfit.
 After breakfast we went on a walk/bike ride. The boys liked riding around and seeing some birds and blue skies. Owen likes the "green, pointy trees" we like to call palm trees.

 Ella enjoyed the ride in her stroller.

 She got to try out her sun hat as well. She's kind of cute.

 Jack liked the water machines available on the golf course.
 We got back and were ready for some swimming! It is HOT down here right now so the boys got right in with Grandma Lila. Here are Jack and Grandma having a race.
 Owen doing some swimming.

 Later in the day Jack swam without his floaty suit on but I didn't get any pictures of it! Here he is swimming with his suit on.

 Ella took a snooze while we swam the first time.
 Once she woke up Ella was ready for more swimming so Mommy took her in the water. She was ready to splash right away!

 Pool fun.
 We went inside and Ella posed for some pictures. Her hair was doing some funny things!

 After dinner and a LOT of swimming we headed to the park to play. Here is Jack climbing.
 Ella tried out the bouncy alligator.

 Owen running!
 The boys loved the slide.

 Jack and his baby.
 For a kid as clumsy as Owen, this is not recommended.
 Slide race.

 Grandma Lila and Ella. She was getting a little excited in the last picture of this series.

 We decided to put Ella in the grass for the first time. She was not impressed with the texture.

 Looking unsure.
 Smiling a little.

 Still not really liking the grass though.

 The lighting was so nice for these pictures. Just before sunset.

 This is so sweet!

 Seriously did not like the grass.
 So cute anyways!

I told Owen and Jack to come join Ella in the grass for a pictures. When Owen sat down I noticed his toe was bleeding so I asked him what happened (I think he just stubbed it on the cement). Turns out he hadn't noticed yet but once I pointed it out he was SO upset. He kept crying that he was "bloodin" so our park trip was cut off at that point (and no picture of the 3 kids together!). We headed home for a bath and bed and I think Owen was asleep when his head hit the pillow! Tomorrow should be more fun around here and Friday we are planning a trip to Disney! Aunt Sarah and Daddy are also planning to join us this weekend so we will have even more fun!