The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This week I decided to replicate one of Owen's favorite projects from school so Jack could have a chance to try it. You freeze ice cubes onto a stick to use as a "paint brush". Then you put granulated jello into salt shakers as the "paint". The kids shake the jello onto the paper and then paint with the ice cube. The liquid from the melting ice makes the jello turn into something that resembles water colors. Then they can lick the ice cube and it tastes like a popsicle. I only had one flavor so our pictures weren't too pretty but the boys loved it anyways! Here we are getting started!

This next series of four pictures is funny to me because the boys are doing the exact same thing as one another in the pictures.

Ella was having a snack while the boys "painted". She's still cute!

Here is Ella snacking on her baby cookie!

The project went really well (the boys loved it and my house isn't covered in orange jello) and they are already asking to do it again! This one is highly recommended by all of us!


Becky said...

love the in sync pics!

Karen said...

I'll share this with the moms at work... :)