The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 1

As soon as we got to the house Jack and Owen checked everything out. When they got to the pool Jack ran into the house and said "I gotta go get my sun block and my babing thing!", also known as a bathing suit. It was already starting to get dark so we didn't bother with the sun block we just got them in their suits and in the pool. The boys picked things up quickly and were swimming around in no time!
 Owen doing some swimming.

 Jack and Grandpa Terry.
 Jack cruising around the pool.

 This was also the first time Ella was in a bathing suit or swimming. Here she is sporting her suit!
 Bad lighting but a cute baby! Love the thighs! 
 Getting in the pool with Mommy!
 So excited!!!
 Splashing in the pool.
 She LOVED it!
 Grandma Lila, Ella and Owen in the pool.
 Ella would not stop splashing! She was going wild and loving the water!

 Jack practicing his big (splashing) kicks.
 Ella was so relaxed in the water she was just laying back and taking it all in towards the end of our swim!

We arrived in the evening today so we will get a chance to check things out more tomorrow. I can't wait for the kids to spend some time in the sunshine!!!

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Becky said...

Lucky kids to have such nice grandparents to bring them down to Florida and let them swim in the pool! Wish I was there to splash too!