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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Girl

I'm not sure why I keep ending up with 25 pictures I HAVE to post of Ella. Maybe it is because she is the cutest baby in town or because she gives me so many smiles or maybe because she is doing so many new and exciting things lately. Maybe its because she actually sits still and her brothers won't. Either way, here is another of those posts! (As a side note, I published a lot of posts in a row the other day and some of them posted on the second page and were missed by regular blog checkers. The boys still exist and you can see them there!). Ella and I hung out for awhile today while Jack was at school and Owen was napping. She was her regular charming self.

 She worked on her crawling a little. Since the first day she did it she has not wanted to actually cover any ground in any sort of timely fashion so I don't have good video yet. I have a few that are cute that I can post tomorrow though (if they ever finish uploading!). She spends a lot of time on her hands and knees just rocking back and forth. She does manage to move a little bit here.

 Then she played with her duckie rattle. It looked so yummy she had to take a taste...
 Apparently it did not taste good!

 I'm not sure why she keeps doing this with her toys today (PLEASE don't be an ear infection) but I can picture a phone in the place of that rattle in about 13 years!

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Becky said...

It's no wonder you like to take pictures of her, she is beautiful... like a little china doll!