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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sports Class Week 2

This week at sports class the theme was t-ball. We have the boys signed up to play baseball this summer so I was really hoping they liked it. They had obviously gotten the hang of things during the first week because they were both ready to go when it was time for class! Here is Owen practicing his overhand throwing. The kid has a wicked fastball! Notice the "ball" hits right in the heart of the strike zone!
More throwing. I find it hard to teach him because he is left-handed so everything is backwards. Luckily he is sort of a natural at baseball so he didn't require much help!
In the throwing station they had bean bags as well as handkerchiefs for practice. Here is Owen telling me what he wants to use.
Owen trying to catch. Keyword: trying. Throwing was much easier!
More practice throwing. For some reason we didn't get any pictures of Owen batting. It was in the back of the gym so I don't think Neil could get the shot but he did that too!
Here is Jack getting ready for class by skipping around.
Jack's class getting ready to start.
He comes by that lack of flexibility honestly. That's how I look when I stretch too!
Getting ready to practice throwing (Jack is the short one towards the right of center. He has his white handkerchief all spread out).
Making a ball.
Throwing it way up to practice catching it.
Jack's teacher and him practicing throwing.
Happy about t-ball week!
Throwing at a target.
For some reason they also practiced underhand throwing.
Jack waving at Ella and Mommy.
Jack on first base.
Mommy and Ella watching Jack play.
More hitting.
Jack on second base!

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Becky said...

Jack- always in motion, he is a skipping machine!