The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Grandpa's Retirement Weekend

This past weekend, the whole Larson crew headed up north to celebrate Grandpa Pete's retirement. It happened to also be Ella's turn to bring the class dog, Biscuit, home for the weekend. She took him on a real adventure :)
 Mr. Gus loved my camera!

 Nothing ever goes as expected, of, Owen got the stomach flu. He was so miserable! He toughed it out and made an appearance at dinner before Mommy took him back to the beach house to sleep.
 Grandpa trying to read his card without glasses. Nice try! So proud of this guy!
 Grandpa and his girl.
 The family after dinner. We are a lucky bunch!
 I love this picture....and the people in the picture :)
 Jack holding his baby while he sleeps. Such a good cousin!

 A premature Easter Egg hunt with the cousins!

 Gus didn't care about the hunt but he loved the end result....CHOCOLATE!

Ella's Big Girl Room

We decided it was time to transfer Ella out of her toddler bed and into a twin. This process meant taking out the whole crib set and putting in new furniture. Ella helped me pick out new dressers, sheets, and decorations for her new room and she was SO EXCITED to show it off!

St. Patty's Day

These first few pictures were of Ella on the day before St. Patrick's Day. She just wanted me to take her picture and I happily obliged.

 Here are the kids getting ready for school on St. Patrick's Day. Ella and I went to Jazzercise with our gear on!
 Owen with his Leprechaun trap for school. This was a homework project that Owen made with Daddy. There was a pot of gold hanging inside and once the Leprechaun took the gold, the box would close and trap him... luck though...Lucky the Leprechaun came to classroom and sprinkled glitter everywhere and left notes with some candy for the kids. The note says:
"Ha, ha, hee, hee you can't fool me! Nice try! Lucky the Leprechaun"

March is Reading Month!

The month of March was reading month at both of the kids schools and I got the pleasure of being the Mystery Reader in both Ella and Owen's classes. I got to send clues so the kids could figure out who was waiting in the hall to read to them and then come read a story. Here is a picture of Ella's class when I went to read "Pout Pout Fish" to them. (They are making pouty faces in the second picture and goofy faces in the third).

 The following week I went to Owen's class. Here he is walking in the hall to see if the mystery reader was who they guessed it was (the clues narrow it down so they should know who it is by the end!). He was SO excited!
 Owens class after I read (goofy faces)

 I brought Ella with me to read that day. She was excited to sit with the big kids!
 After I read I took Owen to the Book Fair that was happening in the library so he could pick out a new book to read for himself and a new book for the classroom!