The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

There are a ridiculous amount of pictures in this post. I should have broken it up but I wasn't that smart when I started! Oops! We woke up this morning and the boys were ready to find their baskets! Ella had no idea what was going on so she was just crawling around looking for trouble.
 When we spread Ella's basket goodies in front of her she went right for it.
 She loved that jump rope! The Easter Bunny knows she can't use a jump rope but only wanted to buy one so it went in her basket because the boys baskets had to be identical. The Bunny knew exactly who would end up using it!
 She was a little excited...look at that arm speed!
 The boys found their baskets in their closet. It was magic that the Easter Bunny got it in there while they were asleep just a few feet away!
 Checking out their loot.
 Ella watching her brothers with her bunny ears on.
 Jack loving his giant Hershey Kiss.
 Owen opened his immediately.
 Chocolate bunny.
 Chocolate is horrible I suppose...that is not a happy face!
 Bubble chomper.
The favorite toy...Super Soaker!
 Ella playing with her cow toy.
 She liked it!
 We headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to celebrate with them, Aunt Sarah & Uncle Paul, Aunt Becky, Aunt Theresa & Uncle John. We tried to get a picture of the kids together. It never works.

 I love how the boys are both watching Ella smile. They love their sister!
 Ella showing Aunt Sarah her toy.

 Another attempt at a good picture.

 Ella in her sweet Easter dress.

 She gets bored of pictures really quickly and takes off.
 She is so sweet.

 Owen wanted to try out his water gun!

 Aunt Sarah took the boys outside to try their bubble chompers.

 The concentration tongue.

 Grandma and Grandpa got the kids some Easter gifts as well.
 Ella checking out her new stuff.
 Pink baseball glove!

 Jack was excited about his bow and arrow.

 Ella got a Tigers cheerleader outfit.

 New Tigers sweatshirt.

 The boys also got marshmallow shooters. These were a BIG hit.

 Jack also mastered the "huli hoop" today. He was doing so good and wanted to show everyone!

 Getting a proud hug from Grandpa.
 That boy LOVES his Grandpa.
 Aunt Becky and Owen having a scooter race (just before Becky hurt herself, oops!).
 Another attempt at a group picture. Owen ruined it!
 More Ella in her dress.

 There was a big turtle in the road that provided some entertainment as well!
 More marshmallow shooter fun.
 The boys got to have an Easter egg hunt as well.

 Owen is wearing a total hodgepodge of Easter gifts. New pajamas paired with a Tigers shirt. Nice!

 Jack spilled his bag.

 Ella trying on her Tigers outfit.

 Aunt Sarah with her girl. I love these girls!
 Ella was so tired after sleeping VERY little today (and last night!) that she fell asleep in her Jumperoo tonight! So sweet!