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Monday, April 18, 2011

April in Michigan

This post is a great example of why April is such a confusing time in Michigan. I haven't blogged in a couple weeks and since then we have had days over 80 degrees and today we got a few inches of snow. Make up your mind already! On this beautiful 83 degree day we went to hang out at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The boys were super helpful and washed Grandma's chair for her.
 Blake and Ella did some bonding in the grass. Ella was trying out Miss Lisa's headbands that she uses for her photography!
 Checking each other out.
 Ella looking cool with her big flower headband. 
 Trying out the feathered look.
 Seriously, Mom?!
 Cutie pie!

 Owen loves this little truck even though it barely moves anymore.

 A random day last week Ella was trying to escape down the stairs. She learned how to climb up the stairs too. Stinker!

 Looking innocent.
 Ella also showed off how fast she can move.

 Giving me weird looks.
 Sweet smile from my girl.
 Friday night we went to watch Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul play softball. It was supposed to be in the mid 50's but ended up being COLD and rainy. Here is Ella wondering why the heck we were out in that kind of weather.
 Hanging in her stroller trying to stay out of the hurricane force winds.
 Sarah batting.
 Paul looking awesome in his shorts and tall socks.
 Ella watched more of the game than anyone!
 Go Grand Slammed!
 Jack and Owen at the fields.
We can't wait to go back when it is warm! 

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Becky said...

I think the pictures of your daughter outweigh the others in the last 8-9 months!