The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Friday, December 30, 2011

December: Part 5

The big event finally arrived and the boys were SO EXCITED about Santa coming! Santa left quite a nice pile of gifts for the Crossett Cuties.

 Christmas morning the boys were super excited to come see the goods!

 This is about the point where Owen asked "Where is my Rockstar Mickey?". Talk about a one track mind!
 Pillow Pets!!!!!

 Still taking in the scene.
 Getting down to business.


 Ella trying out her new bounce and ride car.

 Jack on the kids new treadmill.
 Owen trying it out.
 Opening their mini exercise bike.

 Ella taking her new shopping cart for a spin. She loves this thing!
 Ella opening her balance bike while the boys dig into their stockings.
 Angry Bird!!!
 Owen laughing about getting an Angry Bird.
 Maybe my favorite picture from the day :)
 Ella looking in her stocking.
 A yellow Corvette just like Daddy had!!!!!!!!!! Another picture favorite.
 Owen went right for the good stuff...giant Hershey Kiss!

 Ella checking out her new princess book.
 Two very excited boys.
 The chaos.
 Jack with his kiss.
 Ella checking out Mickey.
 Ella getting her turn on the treadmill.
 Future athletes.

We spent the remainder of Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa's house with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Paul and Aunt Becky. It was a wonderful day filled with the people we the end that was better than any gifts we could give or receive. I didn't get my camera out the whole day after we left home because we were busy enjoying our company but it was really incredible. This was a Christmas I will never forget and I hope the kids take away from it the tremendous amount of love we have in our lives. We are very lucky!

December: Part 4

On Christmas Eve we went to the Bow family Christmas party, which is always a really fun time. They boys were beyond excited when we arrived!
 I included a lot of pictures from the kids hitting the pinata this year because their faces were totally hilarious.

 Ella was trying to decide between a tomato and a Tootsie Roll. She went with Tootsie Roll.

 Aunt Sarah giving this very tough pinata a try.

 Uncle Matt gave it a go as well.

 Woohoo!!! CANDY!!!!!
 The Larson gingerbread "house" this year was a train going over a river complete with "steam" coming out of the train courtesy of some dry ice. We lost.
 The boys checking out the other gingerbread creations!