The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Monday, April 23, 2012

Florida Part 5

We went to the beach one day with some friends of Grandma and Grandpa's and their Grandchildren, Leyland and Alyssa. The kids liked having some buddies to play with. Unfortunately my camera died almost immediately but I did get a few beach shots first!

Florida Part 4

Our trip this year fell on Easter weekend so we got to celebrate Easter again in Florida. The kids woke up and found their Easter basket/buckets in the morning.

 We headed down the the clubhouse later that morning for an Easter Egg Hunt...Ella was THRILLED before we left.

 Mr. Jack
 Some smiles!

 Checking out her bunny basket.

 Hello perfect picture! Nice to see you finally!

 Ella checking out the Easter Bunny with Grandpa.

 The boys waiting for the hunt to start standing in front of the very well hidden eggs :)
 Ella doing her egg hunt (it was divided by age)

 Jack hunting.
 Ella got a golden egg so she got this big basket along with all the goodies in her eggs!
 Grandma and Jack with the Bunny. Owen wanted nothing to do with him!

Florida Part 3

I really dressing Ella up and making her wear her sunglasses and torture her as much as possible. She is just really darn cute!

 A few sad attempts at a pictures of all three before they didn't all.

 The boys love the golf cart!
 Hitting some balls at the range.

 Beauty Queen watching her brothers golf and trying to steal the balls whenever possible.