The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Early Easter

We have had a really tough week at the Crossett house with some very sick kiddos. We had a bad, bad day Friday that resulted in an ER trip for little Ella. Luckily things turned out ok and we are (hopefully) on the mend. That same night Aunt Becky flew in to town for a weekend visit and an early Easter celebration. It was so nice to spend the weekend with the family after having such an emotional and difficult week. Here is Ella finding her Easter basket and checking it out.
Tigers Jersey.
 Laughing at her little flipping bunny.
 So funny!
 Classic Ella look waiting for me to open some M&Ms.
 Mmmmm yummy!
 Loving the little toys she got...even with a snotty nose and some pink eyes!
 Jack looking for his basket.
 Found it in the Sauna!

 Playing with his giant Beyblade! Just want he wanted!

 Owen trying to find his basket. Can you tell he has been sporting a 104 degree fever? Check out those pink cheeks!

 Loving his Beyblade too!
We had a really fun weekend despite the sickness. We played lots of games, had an Easter egg hunt, had a few fires outside and spent some time with our awesome family. Next on the itinerary...FLORIDA!


Theresa said...

Poor Owen! His cheeks are so red from being sick.

Karen said...

That Easter Bunny is so mean... chocolate in the sauna? :)