The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Monday, September 29, 2008

Catching Up On Pictures!

We have been very busy the past few days so I am behind on posting! Friday morning we went to Baby Play Time at the library and then had a play date and picnic lunch with Aiden at the park outside. Jack and Aiden played really well together and had a blast!
Here is Owen playing at the park

Crawling Baby
Grandma pushing Jack on the swing
More swinging
Grandma getting in on the action
Aiden trying out the big kid swing too
Jack and Aiden having lunch and juice boxes
Jack climbing the rock wall
Jack and Aiden in the car swings
Friday night we went to the Tigers Game.
Jack wanting me to get out of his way so he can watch
Grandpa, Owen, Grandma and Jack
Daddy and Owen
Uncle John, Aunt Theresa, Mallory, Jack and Becky
Owen was excited
Owen watching the fireworks after the game. He loved them!

Watching fireworks
Owen and Daddy
We got all of our dirt moved from the driveway this weekend so I can dress Jack in normal clothes now without worrying about him totally destroying them with black dirt. Here are some pictures of Jack just being goofy today.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Stuff

Jack likes to try out my head wear. This is his Rambo look.
He got to ride in the wheelbarrow courtesy of Daddy.
Owen loves the bath!
Yummy letters.
Jack kept calling himself "ram-baby" but he wouldn't do it once we got the camera out. If I say his name and then don't saying anything he tells me "love you" and he did that instead.

Jack keeps trying to say "okie dokie" and for some reason it comes out "on a donkey"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We have some pictures from the past couple of days.
Jack eating pudding
Clean kid

Owen learned to climb up the stairs
Trouble maker
Jack playing on the pile of dirt in our driveway. This is a favorite activity of the past two weeks. Luckily it is almost gone!
Getting dirty

Owen standing in his crib. He does this every time he is supposed to go to sleep now.
At least he is happy about it!
Jack thinks it is funny when Owen stands up so he has to do it just like Owen
He loves standing up!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Party

We had a little Birthday Party for Jack today since most people were out of town for his actual Birthday last week. We did it at the beach and although it was a little chilly today it was a really nice day. Jack got spoiled with a lot of really nice gifts and he had a great time. He has been so excited to see his "cousins" (my cousins) and has been talking about the party for weeks!
Jack was excited before the party even started. There were balloons!!!
Big 2 year old

Uncle Paul teaching Jack how to multitask. Holding a balloon, eating pizza and sliding.
Uncle Paul watching Jack climb
Megan showing Jack how to slide like a pro!
Nick, Megan and Mommy watching Jack open his first gift
Megan trying to move things along. Jack had trouble concentrating on opening the gifts!
Rachel and Megan showing Jack his new Potato Head with Mommy looking on
Grandma with Owen. He liked the wrapping paper.
Cool new CD player from Grandma and Grandpa
Owen playing with Taylor and Great Uncle Matt, Great Aunt Chrissy (or Chwissy if you ask Jack), Grandpa and Great Uncle Todd looking on
Uncle Paul showing Nick and Jack how to use the Ooo-Ooo-Opter (Helicopter)
He can do it too!
The Nemo cake
My favorite picture from the day. All the kids.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jack, Happy Birthday to you!
Trying his new scooter from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul
Crashing is funny
Relaxing in the cool (freezing cold) breeze
You know it was a good party if you end up with no pants! Jack knows to go to Aunt Theresa for candy!!!
Trying out the new CD player back at home with Mr. Potato Head looking on
Thanks to everyone who came. You made it a really great day and as I type this Jack is looking at the pictures saying "Birthday Party, fun!".