The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

I usually try to stay away from my big emotional posts on this blog but in the spirit of the day I wanted to give thanks to the people who make our world such a wonderful place. Of course I am thankful for our health, our home, having food on the table, for Neil having a job and for having cars, toys, and all the good STUFF we have but mostly I am thankful for the wonderful people in our lives.

First I am thankful for my sweet kids. They are really my reason for waking up in the morning and they fuel everything I do. They make me smile every single day and laugh until I cry. I really never knew how much I could love until I had them in my life. They are wonderful, smart, funny, beautiful kids and I am so fortunate to be their Mommy!

I am also thankful for Neil. He wakes up every morning and works hard to support our family so I can stay home and raise our kids. He comes home every night and spends time with his family even after a full day at the office.

I am also extremely thankful for my parents. From the time I was little they have done everything in their power to make my sisters and my lives as wonderful as possible. They have sacrificed so much to give us the life they dreamed for us. I don't even like to think of where I would be without them. They are the most loving and wonderful parents that have ever existed and I so thankful that they are my parents and that my kids are lucky enough to have them as Grandparents. I can safely say there is nothing they wouldn't do for us and knowing that there is always someone to catch you when you fall is such a luxury that I try hard not to take for granted. I am thankful every day for everything they do for us and I love them very, very much!

Additionally, I am thankful for my in-laws. They are dedicated Grandparents and in-laws and we are so lucky to have their support. They make sure we all know we are in their minds and hearts even when they are far away and they are amazingly helpful when they are here. We are looking forward to seeing them again SOON!

I am a lucky girl to have the two best sisters I could ask for. I am thankful for them and that our parents raised us to be best friends because they really are my best friends. They are smart, beautiful, talented, dedicated and loving women that I am proud to be related to. They are always there when I need a friend and they are absolutely awesome Aunts. The kids (and I) LOVE them because they have been there from the start and have never faltered in making sure they see, talk to and play with the kids as much as possible. I love both of them so much I would do anything for them and know they would do the same for me. They are amazing examples to my kids in so many ways and I am so proud of all of their accomplishments!

I am also thankful for my brothers and sister-in-law. Paul is so funny that he can make me laugh no matter what the situation is but he is also full of love for all of his nephews and niece and for his family. He is always willing to get down and play with the kids and they can never wait to spend time with him! CJ and Sarah are so far away it would be easy for them to just fade away but they are sure to never let that happen. They are always there to call, write or Skype (and spoil the kids) and make sure to always make it to Michigan for big events. They put so much effort and time into making visits possible and when they are here they spend all their time making up for the time they are away. We love all of them and I am very thankful to have in-laws that I love!

We are so, so lucky to have an amazing extended family to top it off. We have so many Aunts, Uncles and Cousins that support us and love us and we are so happy they are a part of our lives. Particularly my Aunt Theresa who has given so much to me over the years as an Aunt and as a friend. She loves my kids so much and is always willing to help with them or watch them or do anything to help that she can. We love Aunt Theresa so much and hope she knows what a big part of our lives she is! It is such a comfort to know that between Grandparents and Aunts that I have so many people I trust fully with the kids. It is a great support to us and also wonderful for the kids because they love all of you so much!

We also have wonderful friends that put up with us through everything. We hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you know we are thankful for you!

I am also incredibly thankful for the teachers that are with my kids every day. Jack has an amazing teacher (Mrs. Gesaman) that has made him love school when he wasn't so sure at the beginning. Her support is what made it possible to send him to school every day when he didn't want to go. She is also the reason he is learning SO MUCH at school and I am grateful that he is getting such a great education. Owen and Ella have a teacher that holds a special place in our lives. Mrs. Hungerford is the most dedicated teacher I have ever known. She loves the kids like they are part of her family and gives endless time to our little ones. She is a great friend to me to top it all off. I can't express how lucky I feel that we found Stepanski and Mrs. Hungerford because she has made a huge difference in our family's life and she makes me smile every week! I know a good education is something that every child does not get and I am thankful that our kids have the opportunity to learn with such amazing women!

I know there are people who I didn't mention specifically but I really am thankful for the role that you all play in our lives. I know there are a lot of readers that are family, friends or acquaintances that may not think they have touched our lives but you all mean so much to us just for caring about us enough to come back and read about us and look at our pictures every few days. Without all of you I would not be able to give these sweet kids the life they deserve so THANK YOU and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Friday, November 18, 2011


These videos are from last week when Jack was practicing his rollerblading. He thinks it's funny to fall so he does that a lot!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dad's Day

Last Saturday was Dad's Day at Owen's school. Daddy and Owen got to go for a morning of projects and fun followed by a magic show. They both had lots of fun and Owen loves his construction hat that he made there!


Someday Ella will be able to pick her own outfits and hairstyles. Today is not that day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011


The whole family got the flu this week so I am a bit behind on this post. The Saturday before Halloween we went to Gina's 40th Birthday/Costume party. For some reason the camera wasn't out much but we got one cute picture of Ella showing off her Chick-y cuteness!
 On Halloween Day Mommy was very sick with the flu so Daddy got to go to school with Jack instead for his class party. The kids got to do crafts, have a yummy snack and do a parade around the school. Here are the kids at their circle.

 Class picture!

 Jack's pumpkin hanging from the ceiling. So cute!

 The parade!

 Making a spider web back in the classroom.
 The ghost Jack made.

 That evening my firemen and little chick got dressed up to go trick-or-treating. Grandma and Grandpa came to our house and Grandpa went trick-or-treating with the kids and Daddy while Grandma passed out candy. Here are the boys before leaving.
 Ella chick getting ready to go.

 Off to go get some candy!

 Going to Miss Dawn's house first!

 Miss Dawn chasing the boys in her cat mask.

 Stopping at Nia's house next!

 A successful night!
 When the boys got home they wanted to put on their new shirts from Aunt Sarah and Uncle CJ. They were a little wound up!

 All Ella wanted was to eat suckers!