The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Friday, April 30, 2010

Owen Rides His Bike

Over the past week or two Owen has been working hard on riding his big boy bike. He can pedal it now and only needs help when he loses momentum with the pedals in a weird position. He is not great at turning or stopping yet but we have to start somewhere!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Girls Room

When we found out we were having a girl we decided to wait until our confirmation ultrasound to shop. Well...that didn't work out as I expected. The very next day I was at Target and saw the PERFECT picture for the babies room and had to get it. If you know Neil, you know he has a serious love for owls. I saw the print in the picture below and knew we had to have it. We based the room around it and it is almost finished! Here are a few pictures of the progress so far! Notice the awesome pillow in the crib.
That picture frame will not have a picture of Jack in it once the room is complete. As cute as it is we have a different picture that goes with the room theme for that frame!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today was a school day for Owen and I took along my camera. Now that a new "semester" has started we have Jack in the same class just for convenience but he really enjoys it as well! Here are some of the kids at circle time. Jack has his back facing the camera in the orange stripes.

The boys playing in a box fort.
Jack working on a project.
Check out that concentration.
Owen making a play-doh flower garden.
He loved doing this. He is watering his flower.
Jack making a play-doh garden as well.
Owen doing some serious work.
Jack painting a picture. I wish I took a picture of his finished product. His goal was to fill the whole page with paint. He ran out of time but one half was totally covered.
Owen looking disgusted at getting paint on his finger.
Working hard on his masterpiece.
The boys at work.
Out on the playground Owen worked on his pedaling. If he were an inch taller he could do it with no problems!
Jack going down the slide.
More sliding.
Mrs. Hungerford (their teacher) taking Jack down the slide. He loved that!


Tuesday brought another first of the season. It was our first day playing at Grandma Lila and Grandpa Terry's house. They came home from Florida for the summer on Monday so we went to visit and Grandma and Grandpa got their exercise via car races with the boys!
If you zoom in on this picture the boys faces are priceless!
Jack wanted to race but he just cut off the other car so they couldn't win. Tricky little fella.
The boys also reunited with their favorite swing set.
Grandpa gave Jack some under dogs. I love the position of the swing here.
They are getting better at the see saw that Jack got for his third Birthday.
On the way home we took advantage of Dairy Queen having their Blizzard sale this week and the boys were able to get an ice cream cone. Here are a few shorts of them making a big mess eating their treats!


After our busy weekend we spent Monday at home relaxing. In the evening Daddy lit a fire in the pit in the front of the house. The boys were excited to have our first fire of the season!
Cheesy Jack.
Owen snuggling with Daddy.
Jack riding his motorcycle around because he can't sit still long enough to have much of a fire.
Owen decided to get out his scooter because he saw Jack having fun.
Working hard on the scooter.

Busy Weekend

This past weekend we had a busy but fun weekend. Saturday we headed to Carters 3rd Birthday party. Here is Jack playing with the kids at Carters cool train table.

He really liked the train table.
Owen, Jack and Brady playing hot potato (with a football). I didn't get a lot of pictures because the kids didn't like to sit still for long!
Sunday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house where the boys played on the trampoline.
Then helped Grandpa do some yard cleanup.
Then helped Grandma in her garden.
They still managed to have a lot of fun along the way!
After a tiring morning they watched cartoons with Aunt Sarah and Otis in Grandma and Grandpa's bed.
Owen worked too hard that morning and conked out pretty quickly in the bed!