The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trip to Iowa

We took the boys out to Iowa for Thanksgiving this year to visit family. Neil's Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim were nice enough to let us stay at the farm as well as Grandma and Grandpa. We had a good time and Jack got to do all sorts of his favorite things!
Here is Jack carrying around one of the barn cats...poor things
More cat toting
Jack trying out the Uni Loader
Owen isn't impressed with any of it
Jack chasing cats
I tried to show him how to hold them gently
Owen with Daddy
View from the farm
Another view from the farm
Daddy and Jack on a bale of hay
Owen playing inside
Jack waiting for Paige at the top of the stairs
Owen and Paige using Chris as a climbing toy
Owen and Paige sharing toys
Jack playing Peek-a-boo
Grandma showing Jack a kitten
Bald eagle in the tree across the street
Jack in the tractor
Daddy and Jack driving around
Daddy and Jack
Owen trying the tractor
Owen climbing Daddys legs
Jack petting a baby pig

Owen looking at the pig

The pig trying to get away

Chris holding the pig so Jack can check it out

Jack and Aiden having some yogurt at Chris and Miranda's house

Owen and Paige

Pizza time

Chicken cooker


Grandma and Jack setting the table for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner

Owen having his first Thanksgiving dinner with Mommy

Turkey coma

Daddy and Jack in the big tractor

Jack is in heaven

Jack sitting in the tractor tire
That is one big tire!
Jack and Paige reading a book
Paige and Owen playing
Owen and Spike the dog
Owen walking

Reverting back to crawling

Walking again!
Owen and Daddy getting ready for the parade
At the parade
More parade
Miranda and Paige checking out the floats
Jack watching the parade of lights (wearing Mommys gloves)
More parade watching
One of the floats
Another float
Miranda, Paige, Aunt Carol, and Chris
Owen watching from his seat
Big tractor in the parade
Owen and Paige playing at Corey and Torries house
Baby Blake asleep with Grandpa Jim
Owen walking down the hall at Great Grandma's place
Grandpa, Jack, Great-Grandma, Neil and Owen
Trying again!