The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Few of Miss Ella

Jack really wanted to put this hat on Ella. He has been waiting since I took all the baby clothes out at the beginning of May for our garage sale. His dreams came true today and I threw in a few extra pictures without the hat. Poor girl.

More New Pictures!

Grandpa Pete built the boys work benches during the past two weekends and gave them the opportunity to help. Here is Jack sanding his bench. Of course Owen hurt himself right before I walked out with the camera but they both LOVED doing this!
Ella had her first real bath on Tuesday night now that her cord fell off. She loved the water and the bath went really well until she decided she had to go to the bathroom right in the tub! Oops!
Mommy and Ella after her bath. Please pardon my bath robe but it was right before bed!
Grandpa Terry was also busy this week putting up a slide for the boys on the play house. Here is Jack getting ready for the maiden voyage!
Owen taking a turn!
Obviously they love it!

New Photos!

I don't have a long time to write except to say everything is going really well. Ella is sweet as can be and we are all making the adjustment to being a family of five slowly but surely! Here are the new pictures! Taking Ella on her first walk. Jack is pushing so you can't see him in this one.
There he is!
Not enjoying the sun in her eyes!
Trying to get a picture of the three kids. It is harder than it sounds!
Trying again...
And again...
And again...
Then with Daddy...
Then just Jack and his baby...
And trying one more time!
Ella meets her friend Amelia who was born just 3 days before her! Daddy and Eric have been friends since forever!
Amelia and Ella!

Monday, August 23, 2010

To Tide You Over!

I am a slow blogger these days but here is a picture of each of the original Crossett Cuties to tide you over until I get a few more up here! It will be soon!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Airport Open House

We could not have survived the past few weeks without the help of our parents. They have helped with the boys a ton in the final weeks of the pregnancy (as they always do!) and they kept them at their houses while we were in the hospital even though poor Aunt Becky had a ton of work to do. It is nice to have a place to send them where we don't have to worry and know the boys will also enjoy it. We are incredibly spoiled in this regard and could not be more grateful. Today Grandpa Pete and Daddy took the boys to the airport open house so Mommy and Ella could get some rest and quiet at home. Here is Owen pointing to all of the cool stuff.
Grandpa Pete and Jack walking along the tarmac.
Owen, Grandpa and Jack checking out a "jet plane".
Jack in the helicopter.
More Jack in the helicopter.
The boys are at a Birthday party with Grandpa Terry and Grandma Lila this afternoon so I finally got a chance to catch up on blogging and a little housework! Thank you Grandma's and Grandpa's (and Aunt Becky too)!!!!!

Ella Comes Home

We arrived home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Things have been totally mundane and completely crazy all at the same time. The boys were bouncing off the walls at the excitement of having their sister home combined with a long week of staying at their Grandparents houses. Last night Ella kept Mommy up all night and the boys somehow ended up taking the open spot in Mommy and Daddy's bed. The transition is going to be interesting for sure. Here is Ella trying out her swing when we arrived home yesterday.
Jack is still VERY excited about Ella.
He seriously can't contain himself. He liked holding her with this pillow. Obviously.
For the first time since Ella was born Owen decided he wanted to hold her. He was still not sure about her once she was on his lap.
He thought it was funny that she touched him!
I believe he is surrendering here.
Ella taking a rest in her Boppy pillow.
I don't think I am going to be able to get enough of this dressing her up in funny outfits. She seems to be fine with it though!

The Hospital Stay

The rest of our hospital stay was uneventful (as it should be!). Uncle Paul came to meet his niece and somehow managed to escape the camera lens because Mommy was a little out of it that day. Other than that we just hung out with Ella and her Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents until it was time to head home. By the time we left Ella was down to 7 lbs. 0 oz. and is still super cute! Here are a few pictures from the rest of the stay. Ella was getting her hospital pictures taken and decided to be a ham.
All bundled up.
Showing off her legs.
Mommy and Owen hanging out at the hospital.
Owen was a bit sleepy on his visit this day. It didn't take long until I was sleeping along with him!
Ella showing how she looks in the middle of the night.
Getting dressed for the first time so she can head home.
Cute. Just super cute.
Daddy strapping Ella in her seat to go home!
She likes it! Both boys screamed when they got strapped in so this was a nice change!
Baby girl in her seat.
Daddy walking Ella to the car to go home!
Mommy, Daddy and Ella going home!!!