The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Year End Celebration of Learning

Last night was the Celebration of Learning event at Cooley. The night is all about allowing the kids to show off all they have learned and accomplished throughout the school year. Each grade does a singing show and then are dismissed to their classrooms to show their families all of the hard work they have done. I left the night feeling so lucky and proud to be Jack and Owen's Mom. They are kind, hard working, smart little kids and above all they are best friends. It was really cool to see!

Here is Jack being nervous while watching Owen's show. He decided he didn't want to go a few minutes before we left the house :)
 Owen's class entering the gym
 Time for some singing!

 Back in Owen's class he showed off all of the projects and writing work he has done. They focused on animals at the end of the year in science, can you tell?
 Owen with his FABULOUS teachers, Mrs. Gesaman and Mrs. Barcey
 Jack getting ready for his performance.
 He is on the top row in the center. He did SO GOOD.

 This is a total "Jack look"
 My handsome boys back in Jack's classroom. So proud of these little ones!
 Jack and his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Salada. We really lucked out in the teacher department this year!
 My three monkeys after the show before we had ice cream to celebrate!
Here is Owen's class singing his favorite song "Cuculi"

Ella Completes 3 Year Old Preschool

Ella had her last day of 3 year old preschool on Tuesday. Here she is after class celebrating the beginning of her summer vacation!

And for comparison...her first day of school way back in September.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cute for a Cause

Today Ella and I attended an event to raise money for our friends Relay for Life Team called Cute for a Cause. The event is held at a salon and they have little girls come and get their hair, nails and makeup done then they have a tea party style snack and make a craft. This is the first year we were able to go and Ella LOVED it. Here she is getting her hair done.

 Her fancy up-do

 With her friend from school, Mia
 Getting nails painted

 Having her tea and snack

 Making a butterfly craft with Ava

 Time for some makeup. Ella was the only girl who chose tan as her eye shadow color! 

 She liked the finished product!
 Getting a Hello Kitty tattoo before we left
 On the way out to the car, all fancy! Such a great day to help support our wonderful friends!