The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Learning Fair

Jack only has 11.5 days left of Kindergarten...I find this so shocking! This year has absolutely flown by! We had the opportunity to go tonight to the learning fair at his school. It was a chance for the kids to do a little singing recital followed by some time in the classroom to show off all the work they have been doing in Kindergarten. Here is Jack getting ready to sing.

 Recital time!

 Back at the classroom watching a slideshow.

 This is Jack's teacher, Mrs. Gesaman. We are SO GRATEFUL that Jack was in her class this year. She has been so patient and kind with my sweet boy who is a little shy but just needed someone to show him that school was a safe place to learn and make friends. Mrs. Gesaman has taught Jack so much this year. He learned to read, write, do addition and subtraction, learned about all sorts of neat science (including some really cool sea creatures he is super excited about), color some awesome pictures, do great projects, make some really good friends and all in all learned to love school. Mrs. Gesaman also allowed me to be a part of Jack's school experience by helping in the classroom and getting to know all the kids Jack spends his time with. She is so fun to be in the classroom with and I am really sad he (and I) won't be with her any more but I know because of her encouragement he is ready to move on to first grade!

 After the inside activities, Jack got to go show his brother and sister all the cool stuff on "his" playground.

 Showing off his big kid skills.

 Of course Ella liked it too :)
Here are a few videos from the musical portion of the night

When we got home I had him sing the songs again just to prove he wasn't just faking it ;)  He magically knew the hand motions when we got home too...guess we haven't quite kicked the shy thing yet!

Memorial Day

For the Memorial Day weekend we headed up to Ludington to do a little camping and kick off the summer season. The kids loved eating too much ice cream and candy, swimming, campfires, staying up too late and playing with the family. It was a great start to the summer! Here is Ella when we arrived...immediately covered in chocolate!

 Scooter time!
 Owen knows where to go for the good stuff...Aunt Becky and Grandma!
 Silly girl.

 Aunt Becky taking Ella for a hike.
 All that playing is hard work!
 They boys know how to relax...even without a lake!

 We managed to get some beach time in as well!

Jack also learned a new trick on his isn't complete until he poses at the end with his hands in the air.