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Friday, December 30, 2011

December: Part 3

A few day before Christmas we headed to Huckleberry Railroad with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Theresa, Aunt Sarah and Aunt Becky. We wandered around the village before going on a train ride to look at Christmas lights. Here are Ella and Daddy in the dinner hall when we first arrived.
Grandma, Grandpa and Ella.
The crew walking through the village.
Grandma and Grandpa showing Ella a reindeer.

Owen reluctantly checking it out.
Making a Christmas craft in the old schoolhouse.

Ella looking longingly at the carousel that Jack and Owen had just boarded.
She got her way :)
Ella was SO EXCITED until the ride started. She looked unsure for the first few times around (this thing was FAST) and then she LOVED it!

After the ride.

Aunt Sarah and Ella under the tree of lights.
Aunt Theresa, Owen and Grandpa walking under the tree.
SO EXCITED waiting for the train.

Here it comes!
Ella didn't really want to sit still.
Jack and Aunt Becky on the ride.
Blinding people with my flash.
Goofing around on the train ride.

The boys were so excited about the train ride. They keep telling me they want to go back in the summer so they can jump off and pick huckleberries (a story they told us on the train from when it originally ran so slowly the riders could jump off and pick huckleberries and jump back on) so it will be interesting if we ever head back in the summer to see them try to jump off the train!

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