The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 6: The Beach

Yesterday we went for a trip to the beach. This was Ella's first time at the ocean too! Here is Ella with Mommy and Owen looking at the water.
 Putting Ella's toes in the water.

 Owen on the beach.
 Ella's sandy little feet.
 She loved the water!
 Jack had sand on the brain. He wanted to do some digging.
 The water was super warm (like pool temperature warm) so we could get right in. Ella liked it!

 Owen liked building sand castles. He watched Grandpa Terry build a castle so he took his bucket, filled it with water, put it upside down in the sand and pushed down hard on it and patted the bottom, then he took the bucket off and the water had already run everywhere and he said "huh?!?!". He couldn't figure out why his water castle wasn't working!
 Ella loved to play in the muddy sand by the edge of the water.

 Owen with his bucket of water.
 Jack with his bucket.

 Grandma and Jack in the ocean.
 Owen swimming.
 Aunt Sarah with Ella in the water.
 Back at the house in the pool, Jack learned how to use the mask (and later the snorkel) while swimming.

 Ella just LOVES the water.
 Owen stealing a floaty seat.

 Jack with his goggles on.

 Splashing baby.
 Silly Owen.

 Jack also practiced swimming with no floaty suit. He is doing great in the water!

 Aunt Sarah and Owen by the pool.
 Ella was sleepy.
 Daddy also threw the boys around in the water a bit. They loved this!

 Here are all three kids before we went to dinner last night!


John said...

Love all the pictures!

Becky said...

Cutest turtles on the beach! Neil really got them up there.