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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 4: Disney!!!

Yesterday was the day we made the trek up to Disney World. Aunt Sarah met us up there (and drove back to Grandma and Grandpa's house with us at the end of the day) to enjoy the day. I have been looking forward to this because the boys (especially Owen) LOVE Mickey Mouse. Here are Jack and Sarah (with Grandpa and Ella in the background) waiting for the tram over to the Magic Kingdom!
 Grandpa and Ella waiting.
 Sarah and Jack on the tram.
 Owen sitting in the stroller on the tram.
 Here they are when we first walked through the gates seeing Pluto.
 Ella taking it all in.
 Brothers in front of the castle.
 All three kiddos!
 Mommy and Grandpa getting in the mix on Main Street.
 Owen in front of the big castle.
 We went and met Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse right away because we got a hot tip from one of the employees that they moved Mickey Mouse's house and no one knew where it was yet. We waited less than 10 minutes to meet the big guy. Here are the boys when they first spotted Mickey and Minnie.
 Most of these pictures are really blurry. Either the Auto Focus got shut off accidentally or it just wasn't working in there but at least you can get the idea. Here is Ella spotting Mickey Mouse. She LOVED Mickey and Minnie. She was squealing and kicking her legs and laughing.
 Jack with Minnie.
 Owen checking out Mickey and Minnie.
 Owen giving Mickey Mouse a High Five! Dreams coming true here!
 Group shot with Mickey and Minnie.
 Ella getting some Minnie Mouse love.
 Jack giving Mickey Mouse a hug!
 Saying bye to Mickey and Minnie.
 See ya real soon Mickey!
 Owen wasn't sure about the hug so he said next year he would give Mickey a hug!
 Owen in front of some Mickey and Minnie bushes.
 Ella and Grandma.
 Ella waiting for everyone to get off a ride.
 Walking through Disney.
 The boys checking out Chip and Dale at the dance party.
 Watching with skepticism. 
 This was Ella's face watching them dance. She wasn't sure about that!
 Jack and Owen sitting where we ate lunch.
 That ride up in the air was one of Owen's favorites. The rocket ship ride!
 Jack and Grandpa on the race car ride!

 Owen and Grandma on the race car ride.

 Owen enjoying a popsicle on a hot day!
 Jack with his Mickey Mouse ice cream bar all over his face.
 Ella liked the wrapper.
 Mommy, Owen, Jack and Aunt Sarah on the Tea Cups!
 Jack on the carousel.
 The boys with Aunt Sarah on the carousel.
 Grandma with the boys.
 Owen was so tired (we were up very early for this trip) so he conked out in the stroller for quite awhile.
 Jack and Mommy on the Magic Carpet ride. He was really excited about this one!

 This was towards the end of the day and Jack was hitching a ride since Owen was asleep in the stroller. He ended up nodding off up there. This was when we decided to call it a day and head back home!

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Becky said...

Kids look like they are having a great time. I can't believe Jack fell asleep on your shoulders!