The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cute Baby. Tired, Cranky Brother.

This week I got some cute videos of Ella just being silly and talking, blowing raspberries and yelling. Unfortunately during most of the videos Owen was REALLY cranky and Jack was tormenting him and making it worse. Every time I would shut off the camera and get Owen settled back down I would try again and he would start crying again. Ugh! As I mentioned before, we are all sick this week (hence my creepy voice in the video) and Owen wasn't handling being sick and tired very well. At all. Here things started off well with Owen and Jack playing with Ella.
I was changing Ella's diaper and she was very animated. She was blowing raspberries and yelling and being crazy. The following videos show that along with just what we have been dealing with all week with Mr. Owen.
I find this video so funny because when Jack goes behind the chair Owen is laughing and playing (after a lot of crying) and then two seconds later he is crying again. 

This video is the next day. My voice is less creepy and Owen is napping while Jack is at school so there is a lot less background noise!

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