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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday Party Fun!

Yesterday was Jacks first big kid Birthday party. One of the girls in his class had a party at Pump it Up which has inflatable toys. Owen got to come along too and both had a great time! Here is Jack going down the big slide.
Owen after coming down the slide.
They came down together but my camera wasn't fast enough. You can see their feet sticking out over the stopper wall at the bottom.
Owen looking miniature next to the big kids waiting to go up the slide.
Jack coming down right along the edge.
Owen running around.
Jack after a crash.
Jack climbing in one of the big bounce houses.
Owen running in the big bounce house with a ball.
Here is the first room we were in.
Jack in the second room we got to play in.
Jack playing some air hockey.
Owen climbing. He was totally done at this point!
All the kids from the party. There were older kids there too because the party was for the little girl in Jacks class and her brother. Jack is in the front left.
In the party room the kids (and parents!) got to have pizza, juice boxes and cake before the presents were opened. Jack is on the right in the middle.
I got some videos of the kids on the slide that I will post soon!

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