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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pre-Christmas Fun

So I took a little blogging hiatus. I also took a picture taking hiatus. I didn't take a single photo in the month of November! I'm not sure what happened but life gets busy I suppose. I am going to play catch up for December now. Here we are getting ready for Christmas by decorating the tree. Owen was excited!
 Ella and I working hard...sort of.
 Jack adding some ornaments.
 We also attended the Stepanski (Owen and Ella's school) Holiday Fair with the kids and they loved it! Here is Ella playing with some Play-doh. 
 Mr. Jack.
 Ella listening to Santa read a story.
 Waiting to get a sticker from Santa. Jack looks unsure.
 Ella didn't hesitate and went right up to get her sticker.
 So happy!
 Jack and Owen couldn't be shown up by the little sister so they went to get a sticker too!

 Sweet kiddos in Ella's classroom.
 Time to decorate some cupcakes!

 The finished product!
 Time for a taste!

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