The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween was a crazy busy day for this family! We started the morning at a Jazzercise Halloween party and the day took off from there! Owen's class was having a Hoe Down for Halloween so he went to school dressed as a farmer. Here he is all ready to go!

 Ella put her costume on at 8:30 in the morning before Jazzercise and she never took it off until after trick or treating that night. She was excited!

 After we dropped Owen off at his school I went over to see Jack at school for his parade and classroom party. The kids were so excited to see Ella there. They all gathered around to check her out :)

 Jack in his costume before the parade.
 With his best friend, Aidan.
 Love this sweet face.
 Jack with one of his favorite friends, Kelicia. 
 The kids playing Halloween themed Just Dance on the Smart Board before the parade.
 Jack's teacher, Mrs. Martin in her hippie costume.
 Aidan in the parade.
 Here comes my fighter pilot!

 So excited to see Ella out there waiting for him!
 Back inside at the classroom party.
 Jack and Aidan having a Halloween snack.
 After Jack's party it was back to Owen's class for his party (really wishing they were at the same school at this point!). I walked in as he was making a popcorn project.

 Standing on the carpet in his classroom.
 Doing a Halloween dance.
 Owen got to frost and decorate a Halloween cookie for snack. He made sure to use his tongue for extra concentration.

 Giving it a try.
 After school and dinner it was time to head out for some trick or treating! Ella was ready to go with her pumpkin.
 Fighter Pilot #1
 Fighter Pilot #2
 Ready to go and annoyed that I wanted to take ANOTHER picture!
 Ella and Mommy out getting some candy!
 The boys took off with Grandpa and Daddy. They were FAST this year.
 Candy, Candy, Candy!!!!

 Finally remembered to get a pictures of the pumpkins! Ella wanted Bubble Puppy (made by Mommy), Jack did his own this year all by himself!, Owen wanted Mickey Mouse (made by Uncle Paul) and Daddy made Mr. Grouper.
 Ella was excited to check out her yummy stuff! She even got a juice box!

 Hanging with Grandpa until the boys came home!
Now I just have to figure out how to get rid of all this candy without the kids noticing. What are my chances?!?!


Sarah Larson said...

Lots of cute! Ella really worked that elephant costume

Becky said...

Love em all! Yea she did. I think Owen should always wear that cowboy hat - is he almost as tall as Jack?

Becky said...

Love em all! Yea she did. I think Owen should always wear that cowboy hat - is he almost as tall as Jack?