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Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy Sunday

We had a jam packed day yesterday in the cold weather. The boys even had to get their winter hats out!

We headed first to the apple orchard with Aunt Sarah.

It was cold but we decided to head out to the orchard on the hay ride anyways.

Mommy and Owen waiting for our ride.

Sarah and Jack.

Jack and Mommy still waiting for the hayride.
Getting on the ride.

Sarah and Owen on the hayride.

Owen after we picked out some apples to try. We didn't pick any to take home (we bought them in the orchard store) because it was so cold out there!

Jack showing off his apple.

We checked out the pumpkin patch as well. Jack tried them as a seat.

Owen took his turn as well!

Owen and his favorite lady out in the pumpkin patch.

Daddy and Jack getting ready to head back on the hayride.

Sarah, Owen and Neil on the ride.

Mommy and Jack.

Yearly "How Tall This Fall?" picture with Jack.

Owen taking his turn.

After the orchard we headed to the Fire Station open house so Jack could check out the fire trucks!

Digging the big truck and wearing his cool fire helmet. Owen was asleep during this but he has a helmet too. I took pictures which I will have to upload later.

Jack climbing on the trucks.

We headed from there directly over to Taylor's soccer game where Jack got reacquainted with "Aunt Krispie".
Go Taylor!!!

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