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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let the Christmas Festivities Begin!

Today we kicked of the Christmas season by visiting Santa at the library. It didn't go over very well but we got cute pictures before we left the house in front of the Christmas tree!

At the library Jack was very excited to see Santa as you can see!

This is as good as it got.

When I walked away he wanted NOTHING to do with it!

Owen didn't do much better. He cried before and after this picture.

We headed over to the Holiday Fair at Jacks school after we left the library. The boys were so tired from a busy week so we didn't stay too long. They did do some tree decorating and played with play-doh. Jack made a polar bear ornament and then we headed home for a long nap!

Here are the boys as penguins on the way out.

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Anne said...

the matching x-mas outfits are just adorable. tx for all of the continuing fun photos. so looking forward to seeing you all. Anne