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Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby Girl

Yesterday we went for our "big ultrasound" to determine the baby is healthy and hopefully the gender as well. Best guess is that we are having a baby girl! She was not ultra cooperative so we were instructed to save receipts but the tech was sure enough to call it a girl. Here is some pictures. This is the spine and the head to the left.
Foot with toes to the left.
The other foot with toes pointing down.
Lower leg to foot.
Arm to hand.
This is a bit hard to see but that is the top of her head and her fist curled up next to her head (you can also see part of the arm there as well)
The "girl shot".
"Girl shot" #2.
Profile and face.
Thumbs up!
These next pictures were taken in 4D. They are slightly creepy because babies at this age don't have any fat on them so they are a little alienesque. She didn't want to turn her head so most aren't great anyways. This is the side of her head. You can clearly see the ear there.
Similar shot.
Getting more of the profile.
Looking at the camera and giving a little smile. We are very lucky that she looks healthy and apparently happy! Can't wait to meet her!!!

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