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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dr. Rebecca Larson

Yesterday we had the honor of attending the MSU Commencement to watch Aunt Becky become Rebecca Anne Larson PhD! We went to a lovely dinner with the guest of honor, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul (Who was also celebrating his 30th Birthday. Woohoo! Happy Birthday Umble Pao!), Grandma and Grandpa and Becky's friend Dave before heading to the ceremony. The boys got to wear their suits for the first time in a long time!
I could not get a picture with both boys looking!
Jackeroo! Mommy doesn't know how to tie a tie so I couldn't get his on!
Luckily, Owens tie was a clip on!
He was more cooperative about pictures than Jack.
I took a lot because...well, just look!
Seriously! Cute!
I forgot to take my camera into the Restaurant so I don't have a single picture of Becky with us since she had to leave before the rest of us. Major camera-lady fail! Here is Grandpa, Jack and Grandma at the ceremony.
Jack and Grandpa checking out the very top seats.
There she is! Good thing I have a good zoom because I took this from the top seats!
Aunt Sarah with Owensey.
Becky walking the stage. You will have to trust me on this one!
The big moment! We are so proud of you Becky and love you very, very much!!!


Theresa said...

Way to go, Dr. Becky!!!

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