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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zoo Trip

Today we took advantage of the terrific weather and headed down to the zoo. The kids were excited to burn of some energy and see some animals at the same time. Here are the boys with some penguins in the background.
 Ella was SO EXCITED to see the penguins. 
 Cute face.
 All three kids in the butterfly house. Still looking for that coveted shot of all three kids looking at the camera and smiling. Still not happening.

 Ella was closely inspecting this butterfly.
 Another attempt at a group shot.


 Checking out baby crocodiles.
 They really like these little turtles.
 So interested and unsure at the same time.
 Loving these guys too!
 Her face makes me smile. So interested in everything. And cute. And perfect.

 Watching the camels and deer.
 Jack in front of the lions.
 In the polar bear tunnel.

 Owen getting his face painted.
 Jack facing one of his major fears and getting his face painted as well. He talked about this from the time we were driving to the zoo (and it was the last thing we did). It took a lot of courage for him to do it (I have no idea why he is so afraid to have it done but he has tried and chickened out 100 times at different events) and I was so proud of him!
 Snake man!

 He did it!
 Showing off his snake.
 Ella got a butterfly then we got to see how many things she could wipe her face on in the following hours. There were a lot of things covered in pink, black and white!

 Last (failed) try at a perfect group shot. I love looking at all the attempts though. They are so funny!
 This one was so close but someone was a little tired and staring off into space. It was a big morning for this girl!

 Still super proud of his snake waiting in line to get on the train!
 Taking the train back to the front of the zoo so we could head home. We got to take Woodward home so the boys could see all the cool cars (this was the third day in a row they were down there and they still love it). I should have counted how many times I heard the words "Corvette", "Camaro" and "Hot Rod" out of their mouths on the drive!

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What a great day! :)