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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Owen Starts 4 Year Old Preschool!

Today was Owen's first day of 4 year old Preschool. He has gone between being excited and nervous for this class so I wasn't sure how things were going to go. He was all smiles before we left the house.

 Walking into school he seemed a little nervous.

 Ella was oblivious!
 He had fun playing when we first got there.

 When it was time to wait for his teacher at the bench you could tell her was nervous. He told me his belly hurt.
 He got excited when it was time to line up!
 Then unsure as some of the other kids got upset.
 Then he blew me a big kiss...

 And marched away with his class! (I cried a little typing this. I can't believe how big my Owen is getting. I just love him to bits!)
 Ella was distraught when she realized she was flying solo (or that she didn't get to go to school today too). She wouldn't move from this spot for a good 5 minutes.
 When we went to pick Owen up I was excited to hear how his day went. His class came in from playing outside to line up to go home.
 He was all smiles when he came out and his teacher said it was a good day!

 On the walk out he told me all about playing with the marble racer and playing outside and eating snack and having an art station and on and on and on...
 I think this boy might just love school this year!


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