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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Memorial Day

We headed up north for Memorial Day this year but instead of camping we stayed in a hotel since Larson Beach House isn't QUITE finished (although it is close! We headed over to check out the progress and hang out on the beach though!

 Sarah and Paul also had the good sense to rent a mini cabin at the local state park so we could play outside and have campfires. It was PERFECT. Ella enjoyed "her" baby....a lot!
 Love these pictures. Who knows what Paul told him but it was obviously VERY funny.

 He ran right over to share!
 Ella LOVES Gus...
 ...even when he doesn't want her to.

 Beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan. This was our view from the mini cabin!

 There was a LOT of this over the weekend too...BASEBALL!

 Nutty Ella

 So beautiful! Can't wait for the sunsets at Larson Beach!

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Karen said...

Love all the pictures... kids look so happy! :)