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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Owen's Field Trip

Yesterday was Owen's class field trip to Mitchell's Pumpkin Patch. When the kids got to school they had a few minutes to work before we left. Here is Owen at his seat.
 Above his seat is this pumpkin project he made
 The kids at the carpet getting instructions for the day.

 On the bus. It started snowing just before we left but it stopped quickly. I have a knack for horrible field trip weather!
 Outside the giant pumpkin tent!
 Inside learning about what we were going to do that day.
 Getting ready to get on the hay ride.
 Owen and the other boy in our group, Alex
 Owen and some friends on the hay ride.
 Checking out the farm.

 Going through the corn maze to get to the pumpkin patch.
 Owen picked his pumpkin!
 Owen and Mommy

 Inside the tent, Farmer Mitchell taught the kids about being a farmer and then made popcorn in his big black kettle.
 The kids loved when the popcorn started flying out!
 Owen with his popcorn

 I love that face. Such a sweet kiddo!
 Getting a chance to play before heading back to school

 One class shot before we went back to the bus. Owen is in a double class this year. 45 kids and 2 teachers in a double sized classroom. You would think it would be chaos but it seems to be working very well! As a bonus....LOTS of friends!
 One with his teachers, Mrs. Gesaman and Mrs. Barcey. We LOVE these ladies!

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