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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Owen's Birthday

New Year's Day we got to celebrate this big guy turning SIX!!! I honestly can't believe he is six already. The time is going back in a flash. I just want it to SLOOWWW DOWN. Owen was so excited that Jack picked out this light saber for him (Jack conveniently picked one out for himself as well!).
 Watching the excitement!
 Owen's gift from Mommy, Daddy, Jack and Ella. A new kayak just like Jack got for his Birthday. Zoom in on that sweet!

 Party hat! This kids sweet smile...makes my heart melt!

 Ninja Turtle toys from Aunt Becky! Woohoo!

 Oh boy...his very own tablet from Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Pete!!!
 Miss Ella :)
 Trying out his new kayak.
 Ella went ahead and tried out the Ninja Turtle gear and Grandpa was getting in on the Star Wars action!
 Singing "Happy Birthday" to the big 6 year old!

 And lastly, one of the only pictures we have of the kids skiing this winter. I will have to try to get more because we have spent a lot of time on the slopes this year. The kids are loving their time learning to ski like Daddy! We have had some great family time in the beautiful snowy weather this winter!

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