The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Friday, June 11, 2010

The J-Hawk

Anyone who knew Owen as a baby knows that he has always had TERRIBLE hair. Due to some unfortunately placed cowlicks his hair naturally styled itself into what we dubbed the "O-hawk". People always asked why we gave our baby a faux hawk but we didn't do anything to it! We fought the O-hawk at first but eventually just sort of let it do its thing. Here are a few pictures as a reminder.
Not much has changed with Owen. I can still run my fingers through his hair and it will stand up that same way. We keep it longer because it tends to "behave" a little better (although if you notice it is always sticking up in the back). Every time I push Owens hair up into an O-hawk Jack asks me to do that to his hair too. Jack does not have the kind of hair that will do anything but stay flat to his head but I found some hair gel the other day and finally gave him his wish! Presenting: the J-Hawk!

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RelukaHaske said...

Hey, Emily, I have some pictures of Owen and Jack from Chris' grad party, I figured you might want to look at them. That was a fun party... I hope your boys didn't catch a cold from how soaked they were!