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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: Day 2

Saturday was a very busy day! We started the day at the beach. We stayed down there for many hours because it was so beautiful. Here are the boys playing with Daddy when we first got down there.
Jack playing with his boat from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Paul.
More boat fun.
Owen with his boat.
Jack with a noodle.
Owen and Daddy in front of Lake Michigan.
Busy playing.
Jack filling the big hole Daddy made.
Owen bringing water for the hole.
The boys all working together.
Jack splashed Daddy. The water was NOT warm!
Daddy and Jack working hard together again.
Owen playing with his shovel.
Grandpa, Uncle Paul and Aunt Sarah being greeted when they arrived to the beach. Owen was graceful as always.
Enjoying the sand.
Owen with his super awesome snorkel set.
Jack trying his out too.
Uncle Paul and Owen going for a deep sea adventure.
Jack and Aunt Sarah down at the river where the water is warmer.
Daddy and Owen at the river.
Owen, Daddy, Grandpa and Jack crossing the river to get to the big sand dune.
Grandpa and his big guy.
Owen laid right down in the warmer water.
Jack climbing the big sand dune. This is what he remember very distinctly from last year and could not WAIT to try it again.
Owen and Jack climbing.
Owen sliding down backwards.
Daddy and Grandpa watching Jack run down the dune.
Owen running to Daddy down the dune.
Grandpa swishing Owen in the water.
Daddy bringing Owen back across the river.
Jack in his tent that Grandpa made.
Owen in his tent ruining any chance of peace and quiet for Aunt Sarah. "Pa pa oooh mow mow".
Owen in his tent.
Jack escaping the tent.
Owen playing with the noodle.
Owen got a little sandy...
After the beach we headed to House of Flavors for dinner. Once we ate we went next door to the park where they have a stage set up that Jack and Owen started using right away. Here is Owen serenading us.
Jack found a huge toad and then he wouldn't sing anymore.
After we got back from town we headed to Lake Hamlin to go fishing. Here is Owen with his brand new fishing pole from Grandma and Grandpa.
Jack practicing his casting.
Fishing away...
Grandpa and the boys fishing.
Owen fishing.
Super natural smile.
My Owensey.
Grandpa letting Jack try his pole.
Aunt Sarah caught the first fish. It was massive.
Aunt Sarah letting Jack touch the fish. Owen wanted nothing to do with that!
Aunt Sarah fishing with her boys.
Jack caught a fish shortly after. He was happy until it started flopping on the line and then he was pretty much done being anywhere near any fish.
Grandpa with his fish.

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