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Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day

I am a little behind on the pictures so here are our pictures from Memorial Day weekend. We went camping in Ludington with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Paul, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Becky, Uncle Matt, Aunt Michelle, Megan, Nick, Aunt Theresa and Uncle John. Woo! Here are Grandpa and Ella when we arrived. This was about as warm as it got wasn't warm!
 Her favorite buddy Otis!
 Trying out the backpack.
 Uncle Paul and Jack tapping the keg I guess!
 Aunt Sarah and her girl.
Ella making trouble in the camper.
 Getting ready for a hike.
 Jack, Nick and Megan on their scooters.

 She knew just what to do with a sucker and she LOVED it!

 Owen loving some treats.
 Ella was a big Uncle Matt fan!
 Nodding off in the backpack.

 Owen scootering by the dam.

 Fishing later that night. Ella hanging with Aunt Theresa.

 And Daddy.
 Fishing crew.

 He caught one!

 Ella getting in the bike trailer. She loved this thing!

 Jack caught a fish too!

 Unfortunately we got some use out of these this weekend too!

We had fun despite the weather. We did a lot of biking, hiking and hanging out by the fire instead of swimming in Lake Michigan like last year but we made the most of it!

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