The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Saturday was another hot day and the boys had a baseball game to start the day off. Here they are playing before the game. I didn't get my camera out during the game because they had team pictures first and I got distracted. Hopefully those turn out good!

 After baseball and lunch with Grandma and Grandpa we headed to Eric and Gina's house to swim with them and Miss Amelia. Here are Daddy and Ella getting into the pool.
 Ella LOVED the water.

 Jack was excited to use his snorkel, mask and swim fins.
 Ella in her float.
 Owen doing some swimming.

 Ella just loves the water!
 Jack getting set up in his gear.
 Owen swimming some more.
 Checking out under the water.
 Ella being silly.

 More swimming.

 Ella and Amelia checking each other out.
 Neither was particularly interested.

 Ella had not slept all day so when I picked her up from the pool she crashed right away.

 Jack and Owen also loved the water guns!
 Jack loved giving Amelia hugs and she couldn't get enough!

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