The life and times of Jack, Owen and Ella Crossett

Sunday, January 1, 2012

December: Part 6

We ended December and 2011 with friends and family. We went to the Sutton's house for dinner, playing and relaxing. We are really lucky to have such great friends and were happy to ring in the New Year with them! Here is Owen excited about a New Year and a Birthday!
 Lisa showing Jack and Owen how to use the web shooter.
 Jack, Owen and Carter with their New Year's gear.

 We went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house before we headed home and we celebrated the "New Year" (it was only 10:00 but they didn't know!) by banging on pots and pans the way Mommy and her sisters did when they were kids. They kids were excited to make a lot of noise!!!

Happy New Year! Cheers to a great 2011 and hopefully an even better 2012!!!

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