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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Owen!

Today my baby boy turned four! It was one of my favorite celebrations we have had for a few reasons, including that it was just a fun day. On top of that though was the fact that Owen has looked forward to this day for SO LONG...the day he gets to go in the Ticket Blaster. So, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese's for a fun day of playing and celebrating. Here are Owen, Jack and his best friend Aidan getting ready to start the party!
 Ella and Daddy. She wasn't sure what she was in for yet!
 Bring on the FUN!
 Aidan, Jack, Ella, Owen and Daddy playing skee-ball.
 Birthday boy playing.
 Ella was getting into it and she was CRAZY all day. She loved this place!

 Jack and Aidan checking out some games.

 The Sutton's arrived and Carter was taking in the scene.
 Ella was loving these little rides.

 Carter and Owen coming off the slide.
 Owen is a blur because he was running on to the next activity.
 Owen up in the climbing tubes.
 Blake was not sure about this. His look says it all!
 Grandma and Ella on another ride.

 Big four year old coming through!
 Daddy, Owen, Ella and Grandma checking out the stage.

 Extreme concentration during skee-ball.
 Uncle Paul and Miss Ella.
 She loves them (and I think it is mutual!)
 Uncle Paul working on his jump shot.
 Winning tickets.
 Jack had to show off his ticket trail.
 Blake taking a ride on his horse friend.
 Owen's Birthday cake!
 Super cool balloon for the Birthday boy.
 Lisa and Carter.
 Evan and Blake on a ride.
 Ella couldn't get enough of these rides.

 Carter concentrating hard on the games again (with a little help from his Mommy)
 Still practicing...
 She ran around so much she had to sit down and take a rest. This girl was busy, busy, busy!
 Proof that Ella gets no attention. Four adults, one 16 month old.

 Owen and Daddy.
 Time for some pizza!
 When it was time for Chuck E. Cheese to come visit the party, Carter wanted nothing to do with it!
 Watching the mouse.

 Singing and clapping with Chuck.
 Cake time!

 Blowing out the candles. One at a time.

 Happy kiddo with his Birthday crown and medal.
 Daddy, Chuck E., Owen, Aidan, Ella, Jack and Mommy.
 We tried to get a shot of the kids. Not so much...
 SO close...
 Blake is outta there...
 Carter trying to stop him but it didn't work!
 Here is a good one of the big boys anyway :)
 Enjoying some cake and ice cream.

 This is the big moment Owen has been waiting for, for almost a year (since he saw it at a visit last winter). When Owen woke up this morning he ran into my room and yelled "Today is the day I get to go in the ticket blaster!!!". He got his goggles on and his hat to take his turn. He seemed unsure as he got in and we had no idea what his reaction would be...
 Ready to go...
 Tickets flying everywhere! This is where his crown came off and he was more concerned with getting the crown back on than collecting tickets. He did manage to grab a few and a bunch landed on his head too. 

 The big ticket in his hand is worth 100 tickets.

 At the end our party helper grabbed a few extra big tickets for him and he ended up with 800 tickets from the booth!
 Time to open gifts! Owen was super excited!
 Reading his card from the Sutton family.
 Tearing in! He got Mommy's favorite kids game, Guess Who!

 Tiny Bop It!
 The blur of a gift...
 His own Beyblade!
 Opening a gift from Uncle Paul and Aunt Sarah.
 CAT truck.
 Aunt Sarah showing him how he can take it apart and put it back together.
 He wanted to play with it RIGHT AWAY so we had to distract him from it.
 Cool airplanes from Grandma and Grandpa.

 He loves this Zippity game from Grandma and Grandpa too!
 Blake (sticking his tongue out at me) and his Mama. <3 them!
 At the end of the trip Owen had 1700 tickets to use! He picked out a spinning flashlight, a gumball machine and that Chuck E. Cheese stuffed animal. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us (and SO last minute!) and made it a super special day. It is one I won't soon forget and I am sure Owen won't either!

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