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Monday, June 11, 2012

Field Day 2012

Last week Jack had Field Day at his school. It happened to be the same day I work in his class so I was on hand to capture the first half of the day. Here are the kids in the gym before the events began. Jack is in the front row about five kids from the left.
 Waiting for the first event. This is right before he started crying and refused to do anything. Someday he will stop being shy :)
 The second event he decided to participate and LOVED it. Here he is doing the basketball toss.

 Jack and his best buddy, Aidan.
 More basketball toss. He made this one!
 Nervously waiting for his turn to scooter race.

 Relay race to fill a bucket using a sponge. He liked this one because he got to run!

 Relay race hopping with a ball between his knees.
 Trying to balance the ball on this paddle for a relay race.
 Balancing an egg on a spoon for the last race of the morning!

 Check out that concentration!

Jack ended up loving Field Day so I told him we would have to do a family field day this summer and he was so excited! Don't say I didn't warn ya...

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